Students should always have enough reeds, oil, grease, or other supplies needed for class.  These items can be purchased at school and should be done so immediately upon entering the room.  Reeds will be sold for $2.50 each for clarinets, $3.00 for saxes. Oboe and bassoon reeds will vary from $7.00-$10.00 depending upon make.  Woodwind players should have at least THREE good reeds in their case at all times! 

     It is the responsibility of each player to keep their instrument maintained and in good working order.  Instruments needing to go in for repair need to be either brought down to the music store by a parent, or given to me to send to EASTSIDE Music (if it is one of their rented instruments).  Whichever it is, please try to take care of these problems as soon as possible.   (Eastside music will again have a representative that will come out to our school one day/week)     Students who sit several days in a row without an instrument will lose instructional time and become bored or frustrated.