6th Grade Handbook

Welcome to the Band Program at Wyandot Middle School!  My name is Mr. Diskin and I am the music instructor for 6th grade band class.  Mr.  Ross will also be teaching an hour of 6th grade band this year as well as the entire Choir program.  With a little daily effort, this class can be the most enjoyable one your child attends on a daily basis and the most rewarding and memorable one throughout life!

 This handbook was written to inform parents of ALL rules, procedures, concert dates, and other Information that typically occurs during the 6th grade year in band class.  Please take the time to review all sections of this booklet sometime during the first week or two then return the FINAL PAGE ONLY (roster information page) to me by the second Friday of school, or by September 17.  My contact number at school is (586) 723-4249.  My e-mail address is    Mr. Ross can be contacted at (586) 723-4248 and his e mail address would be

Recent studies have begun to point out how the study of music can make one a smarter, sharper, all around better student.  Reasons behind this are centered around the self-discipline encountered daily:  Practice, problem solving through instrumental technique, concentration, dedication, organization, responsibility and teamwork.  Parent interest, support and daily encouragement, however is my biggest asset and one much needed if a child is to reap the full enjoyment and benefits of all those items listed above.

In recent years I have held a PRE-open house meeting for 6th grade parents about a half hour before the scheduled start.  I have gone over some common questions parents have, as well as took some time to explain some of the sections in this handbook.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this year’s open house evening and regrettably will miss that wonderful opportunity with you.  In order to still keep you informed, I will send home the annual “question-answer” handout from that evening along with your child’s  handbook on the first day of class.  I will also  leave  copies just inside the band room the evening of the open house for you to take (they’ll be placed on a couple of music stands with a sign attached).

There will also be information sent home regarding a band parents meeting in the third week of September for ALL parents interested in helping out with yearly activities and duties such as our fund raisers, concerts, and other special events.

Please insist upon your child that ALL LETTERS, DOCUMENTS, ITEMS of INFORMATION, etc..handed out in Band Class GET HOME TO YOU!  Here and there, some of these will require a parent signature and receive a grade.

Band meets every day of the week for one hour. There are NO rehearsals scheduled for outside school hours, either morning or evening.  There ARE, however, three required performances during the evening, beginning at 7:00 pm.  You will read about these in the “calendar” section upcoming.

Please mark down these most important events that highlight the 6th grade year.  All events marked with the word “concert” carry a certain weight of the final grade for that particular marking period.  The most acceptable excuses for missing an evening concert are illness or family emergency.  Concerts, as you could understand, cannot really be made up as they are a pre scheduled event which must take into consideration the entire  district calendar.

September 8  Wednesday,  Open House -- (I will not be present this year, but as already mentioned, please come down to the new band room and pick up a handout for the evening)                                    

October 6  Wednesday -- Cookie Dough fund raiser kick off date (details will be sent home)

October 22, 23, and 24  Friday, Saturday, Sunday -- TAG DAY WEEKEND (donation-type fundraiser-kids will work out at businesses in the neighborhood in two hour time slots;….. details later)

October 27, Wednesday, 7:00 pm -- 6th Grade and 8th Grade Bands first concert of the year

January 20, Thursday, 7:00 pm -- 6th Grade mid year concert

June 1, Wednesday, 7:00 pm -- Spring Concert all grades performing (6,7,8)

June 2, Thursday, 8:30 am -- School Concert for Wyandot grades 6,7,8

Wyandot Bands have a specific dress code we adhere to for all public concerts.  Please refer to the page marked “Dress Code for 6th Grade Band Members” later in this handbook.  Students AND parents will show acknowledgement of this page when they SIGN and RETURN the handbook ROSTER information page (the final page of this handbook).  The FULL uniform is a portion of each student’s grade:


white shirt long sleeve preferred;      must have a BUTTON UP COLLAR

Black shoes, black or navy dress pants

The Wyandot CONCERT BAND SWEATER (provided for each student for the school year.  Must be returned in June)     


1.       Sit in your assigned row and seat

2.      Play ONLY when DIRECTED to (stop on cut off cues)

3.      Raise your hand if you wish to speak

4.      NO GUM CHEWING, food or open drink containers

5.      Show respect for all other students (we are all team-mates)

6.      Respect all property-yours as well as school owned (all items have a value)

7.      Practice and Prepare for class…….always give 100 percent